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IT Business Continuity Consulting


Denver Servers' IT Business Continuity Consulting Services can help you assess, design, plan, implement, and test IT infrastructure proficiency. We work-with you to assess data storage and data usage optimization, data security, data integrity, digital asset failover protection and disaster recovery planning.


IT Professional Services & Netsworking Engineering Consulting

Our Professional Consulting Services include:

IT Hardware & Facility Inspection ( Server Room Readiness )

  • IT Infrastructure Configuration and Network Architecture analysis
    • Server Locations (feasibility, power availability, environmental impact etc...)
    • Network Speed Tests (wide are & local area network, remote access, VPN connectivity)
    • Over-All Hardware (Tandberge, Routers, Switches, Firewalls, wifi....), primarily your Servers & types plus the server hardware components & configurations (RAID, power Supplies, Fans, Hard-drives, Lan, etc...; end-user Workstations impact (component state)


Server & end-user Software Impact Review

  • Software Assessment of all Servers & OS's (OS bit rate, Outlook, SharePoint, Office Communicator, Citrix, db's (SQL), Microsoft Exchange, Citrix, virus & anti-spam solutions, other end-user programs)
    • Unified Communications Usage - Bandwidth utilization (video conferencing, media streaming, file sharing, data bases, mail storage, virtual servers, print servers, peripheral mapping needs, etc...etc...)

  • Number of end-users & how many communication devices connected and to what - such as access email simultaneously. {  for example:   I have a workstation at the office logged into email through Outlook, and also connected using my web browser ( Now add my laptop because I need to connect VPN and wifi and remotely that is also connected to email twice (browser & through Outlook), then I also connect through my android cell phone (through "Active Sync"), my ipad and my tablet). Plus my Office at home desktop (another 2 connections). As you can see, I am accessing the Exchange Server over a half-a-dozen times, and I never turn off my another 150 users plus "Guest Communications", Office Communicator interactions, calender and contacts, etc...........well, we need to analyze data through-put in a variety of ways.}


Future IT Growth Rate Projections

  • Data Center Optimization Planning
    • Virtualization Considerations, Virtualization Planning
    • Application Hosting and App Optimization
  • Digital Asset Failover Protection and Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Data Backup and Data Migration
  • IT Capacity and IT Performance Audits and IT Assessments
  • IT Administration and Governance Concerns
  • Continued IT Assessments and Network Adjustments



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